I would like to say thank you Barbara’s Hearing Aid Service for giving me back my life. I can hear the birds singing, I can hear the TV without deafening the rest of the family. I also would like to say thanks Barbara’s Hearing Aid Service for such good care to my hearing where it’s supposed to be. I can hear my granddaughter say I love you in the other room. I also have a history of vertigo dizziness. The hearing aids also help my vertigo and dizziness. I don’t stumble around. They really gave me back my life 100%. It’s wonderful to be able to hear someone behind you or where people speak softly I can hear them. It’s just so wonderful to hear again. Please if you need a hearing aid go to Barbara’s Hearing Service. They know what they are doing. Please don’t wait if you have problem hearing. Life is great to be able to hear after years of not being able to hear someone calling your name. I also hear on the telephone. Before I would not answer the phone now I can hear it ring. Life is great to be able to hear again.
Joyce Winkler

I am very happy to report to everyone I have Barbara’s Hearing Service had helped me to be able to hear again and talk on the phone without taking out my hearing aid. I have found Barbara to be very honest and Christian lady and a good friend that I can believe and depend on. I recommend Barbara’s Hearing Service to everyone that I see or meet wherever I go.

Thanks again,
Carl Teague
Taylorsville, NC

We want to say after something less than a good experience with hearing aids, we finally had a wonderful experience with Barbara’s Hearing Service. She’s so professional and patient enough for whatever it takes to get it right.

Thank you Barbara,
Harold Hickok

Dear Barbara and Larry,
I normally refrain from commenting about the service I receive from commercial companies. However, From time to time I am so impressed with a smaller almost private operation that I don’t think it’s fair not to mention to the owner how pleased I was with the service I’ve received.

So, Barbara, I would like to let you know that I look forward to my regular visits, as in the past several years, and would like to thank you and Larry for the quality of services you have provided at Barbara’s Hearing Service.
Charles P. Harding

Barbara’s Hearing Service provided for me:
1. Thorough hearing testing exams to assess my individual needs and the best hearing device that was correct for me. She explained everything in detail and listened to all my concerns.
2. Follow up visits to assure my adaptation to my hearing aid and that it was working properly.
3. I feel like I’m returning to normal!
Carolyn Pearce
P.S. Just a personal note. It’s hard to get everything in “short note” form, but I’m so glad I chose you for my hearing problem. I’ve been so pleased in the uninterrupted and individual attention that I’m sure you give all your clients. I will certainly recommend you to anyone when I have the opportunity to do so!
Thank you

To Barbara
1. She was helpful in putting my hearing aid in.
2. She helped me to place my hearing in my ear.
3. She showed me how to put my batteries in.
4. She was helpful about how to use my hearing aid.
5. How to ____ and put the ______in.
James Hicks