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Local Award Winner

Local Award Winning Company

2005 and 2006 Observer News Enterprise
Reader's Choice Best of Catawba County
Hearing Aid Store First Place

2006 and 2007 Hickory Daily Record
Reader's Choice
Best of Catawba County - Hearing Aid Store

2006 and 2007 Hickory Daily Record
Reader's Choice
Finest of Catawba County - Audiologist

Your ears are NEVER OFF

Even while you sleep your brain is processing information through your ears. Subtle hearing loss over time can make significant changes to a person's overall well being. Vital emotional and physical effects are negatively impacted by untreated hearing loss. Increased anger, anxiousness and hostility are common to people suffering from hearing loss. Self-esteem suffers. Stress in communications with friends and family may cause withdrawal from social life and can even result in serious depression.Your quality of life can in most cases be improved dramatically with appropriately fit and well designed hearing aids.

Customer Feedbak

Customer Feedback

Barbara's Hearing Service recently fitted hearing aids for both of my ears. I can hear better now than I ever could with my previous hearing aids fitted by a national chain brand. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone with hearing loss.
Mr. Michael B. Rowe, Sr. - Newton, NC

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Trust us, even if you have had a bad experience somewhere else!
Our "whole thing" is to enhance your hearing and your enjoyment of life in various listening environments.

About My Hearing Service

"I am able to provide hearing instruments from a variety of manufacturers while providing expert professional service, a friendly atmosphere, scheduling for the client's schedule, and fair pricing."
Barbara Lockwood, M.A., FAAA